Extreme 4x4 Wheels

Date Posted:12 June 2020 

Extreme 4x4 Wheels main image Extreme 4x4 Wheels image
Extreme 4x4 Wheels - Engineered to the Extreme!

Extreme 4×4 Wheels have been designed and engineered to reflect the needs and demands of an ever-growing Australian Four Wheel Drive Market. Following almost two decades in the industry, we determined that there was urgent need for a wheel that provides improved stability and balance to that of its predecessors and competitors, greater internal diameter to clear brake calipers, and a re-designed wheel centre to allow for CBL compatibility so that the wheel hub mounts. In addition to the structural, we have designed a screw-in centrecap with a striking new logo to aesthetically make Extreme 4×4 Wheels stand out from the pack.


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