Autosol Metal Polish 350g Tub

Cleans and polishes metals to a brilliant high shine leaving a protective coating for future protection. This offers concentrated cleaning power.


  • The paste formula offers 10x the polishing power of a liquid equivalent
  • Polishes stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper, and many more
  • Removes common problems with ease such as rust, discolouration, tarnishing, staining, and oxidation
  • The metal surface is left with an ultra thin wax coating to prevent the surface from further degradation and corrosion
  • Non-toxic and ammonia free
  • Ideal for household, automotive and industrial use

To use

  • Apply a small amount of Autosol Metal Polish paste onto the surface to be cleaned.
  • Polish in small circular motions with a soft cloth until a black residue appears.
  • Buff the surface with a clean microfibre cloth to achieve a high lustre finish.

DO NOT USE on brushed stainless steel as it can damage the surface.



Barcode # 9319581010355
Brand Autosol