Rubberhog Tyre Repair Carbide Buffing Contour Wheel #140 Low Profile Puncture Repair With Arbor

Buffs the inner liner of low-profile tires without damaging the bead area.


  • Rubberhog SSG coating for proven performance
  • Solid machined-steel construction for extremely smooth operation
  • Superb control, comfortable to use
  • Fully-coated top eliminates exposed threads; less risk of liner damage
  • Preferred by many for any passenger or light truck repair


  • Part number: D140r
  • Shape contour wheel
  • Diameter: 1 1/4"
  • Bore: 3/8" - 24
  • Coating fine: [170]

Includes arbour. Other styles available in separate listings.


Brand Rubberhog
Unit Of Measure ea