GTS 600mm Cable Type Tyre Valve Fishing Tool

Makes Insertion of valve stem / Valves in the tube very easy as air valve puller provides enough length and space and does not interfere with the spokes.


  • Rust-proof cable type finish
  • Material: Carbon steel


  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Size: 600mm
  • Weight: 0.060kg

To Use

  1. Just thread the puller through the valve hole in the rim .
  2. Screw the air valve puller cap onto the valve stem.
  3. Place the tube inside the Tyre and mount the Tyre on the rim.
  4. Once the second Tyre bead is also seated , simply pull the valve stem into place by pulling the air valve puller.

Sarv’s high quality Air Valve stem Puller or Cable type Valve fishing tool eliminates the need of fishing for valve stem after the motorcycle tube and tyre are mounted on the rims.

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